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March 26th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Eyeball LipstickYou may have seen this “eyeball mouth”, since it recently went viral (it’s the tear duct on the side that really sells this). It turns out that this is not a one-off, but instead is the work of Swedish artist Sandra Holmbom and she’s got lots more where that came from.

Her blog is a treasure trove of great ideas, for both dramatic “every day” makeup and fairly hideous special effects. She has tutorials for a number of designs, and even the ones with no instructions have enough closeup photographs to make replicating them possible. Some of them are surprisingly simple (like the googly-eye nails; others would definitely take time and patience, but the finished look is a-ma-zing. I particularly like her “hazardous” eye makeup and the puzzle lips; the metallic lips are nicely steampunky, too.

More special-effecty stuff includes bullet wounds, exposed muscles, and the surprisingly off-putting moustache-where-the-lips-should-be. Particularly impressive is that she’s self-taught and doesn’t even work with makeup for a living; this is just something she does for fun in her spare time.

A lot of her older posts are in Swedish, but the most recent few months also have an English translation. She’s been blogging prolifically since 2008, so there’s a satisfying number of old posts to dig through. If you’re looking for makeup inspiration, be sure to check this out.

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    Thanks for finding the source of the eye lips! I love it.

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