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A Link Dump by Any Other Name

June 21st, 2013 by Cobwebs

Sayaka Ganz – Artist who makes sculptures from reclaimed objects. Her Emergence horses are weird and haunting.

Goth Screenshots – Tumblr of particularly moody computer messages.

Macbeth – This made me giggle.

Gothic Wedding Bouquets – A small roundup. (Man, I hate slideshows.)

Magic 1400s-1950s Reprint – An cheaper reprint of the fantastically-expensive classic is being released. BoingBoing discusses it here.

Durham University Library Sign – It’s nice that librarians have a sense of humor.

WFKU – Dark alternative internet radio station. They also have a Gothgram feature which searches for #goth in Instagram image comments and displays the results.

Lego Inferno – The 9 circles of Dante’s hell, rendered in Legos.

Arthropod Pancakes – Pancake artist(?) Nathan Shields has an entire site devoted to the elaborate pancakes he makes. Who wouldn’t want to find a tongue-eating louse on their breakfast plate?

Goth Cupcakes – I love this fabric print.

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  1. xJane Says:

    Apparently, this phenomenon has a name, but I’ve always “seen” (not the right word…felt?) horses running along side the car (at least when I’m not driving), so I love the concept of wind horses (which are also popular in Tibet) and Ganz’ white horses look like they’re made of wind. Love them. (Or old plastic spoons, but I prefer wind.)

    “Show Warning: Never Again.” less than three.

    I love the idea of tiny MacBeth in an Are You My Mother? knockoff. I was just discussing this last night. There’s a definite market for this kind of thing.

    Slideshows are the worst kind of click-count whoring. That and two-paged “articles” (I’m looking at you, Slate.)

    This was the top hit on Gothgram. I fear for society.

    Lego link broken (but googled it). Of course, everyone knows that true hell is a darkened room, a full bladder, and a floor carpeted with Lego pieces.

    I was going to make a comment about “Who wouldn’t want to find a tongue-eating louse on their breakfast plate?” but will instead mock the single commenter who was all, “awesome, but you mislabeled one of the critters”. Ah, the internet.

    I can’t decide if the commenter’s point was “That’s an anatomically correct velvet worm that has been mislabeled” or “Wow, you can’t even draw a millipede? And you call yourself an artist.”

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