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Super-Terrific Giveaway Thing: VIVO Masks

July 23rd, 2013 by Cobwebs

Vivo MaskBoy, I love it when people offer to give my readers free stuff.

Josh from VIVO Masks recently dropped me a line about their products: They’re a retailer of authentic Venetian masquerade masks, hand-crafted (authentically) in Venice, Italy. And holy moly, they have some amazing stuff.

Their masks range from the familiar multicolored carnival masks, through Goblin King-esque masquerade pieces, to leather-and-spiked “erotic” selections. I’m particularly impressed with their laser-cut metal masks, like this delicate little bat and this neat skull. They even have a long-nosed plague doctor; not to mention completely astonishing confections like this. The site also has a blog with costume suggestions to accompany their masks, plus lots of party ideas.

And…they are offering a free mask to one lucky commenter! Whee!

The winner can choose any mask in their Under $50 section. They will ship free anywhere in the U.S.; if you’re overseas and would like to play you may do so, but you’ll have to pay for shipping (which according to their site will be $25).

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Friday, August 2 about which mask you might choose if you win. One commenter will be chosen at random. ResultsUpdate: The contest is over, and returned the magic number 4, which means Sisifo wins the mask! (Note that since some people commented more than once or commented but didn’t wish to be included in the contest, this number is based on individual commenters, not comment number).

I shall email her with details forthwith. Thanks to everyone who played along!

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  1. havocthecat Says:

    Oh, what a great contest!

  2. Pixel Pixie Says:

    I’ll recuse myself, since I won the t-shirt giveaway, but I just wanted to say that I cooed over plenty of these. Some of those would have been quite a nice accessory for my Jareth costume last Halloween.

  3. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    such beautiful work and detail. Thanks for posting this site. These masks are stunning!

  4. WitchArachne Says:

    Aww hell yes. I loooove Venetian masks. In fact, I’m wondering if this company and a store near me have the same supplier coz the musical score masks are almost identical.
    I’ve never seen that Columbina Barocco Sole Bronze mask though, so if I won I’d have to choose that one. It’s so gorgeous! And with a base colour of black it wouldn’t be hard to match it to a dress. Plus I have a deep and abiding love for copper and bronze.

  5. WitchArachne Says:

    Oh Ha! I didn’t even notice that it was the picture accompanying this blog post. I’m so observant tonight.

  6. Sisifo Says:

    Mother of all gorgeousness, yes. I’ve narrowed it down to three. My favorites are the Colombiana + Stick in black, the Colombiana Macramé in silver, and the Colombiana Macramé Stella in silver.

  7. xJane Says:

    ::falls over herself trying to comment::

    I’m partial to Columbina Barocco Sole Bronze (I had something else chosen and then switched to the second page and lost my mind!), but Columbina Musica Stucchi Gold is fun, too. As are the ones with sticks and Las Vegas feathers. I’ve been thinking that I want to add a masque to my steampunkery—how timely!

  8. Katherine Says:

    I’m loving the Colombina Barocco Cavalli Bronze but the Volto Pagliaccio is pretty neat too. Makes me appreciate the metal mask my MIL brought back from Italy!! Some amazing stuff there.

  9. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    Wow, those are beautiful! If I won, I would choose the Columbina Barocco Sole Bronze. That metal bat mask is amazing! Look how crazy cool the Psycorg and Asimov masks are too.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    What beautiful masks. I’d be so happy to own one … the Diavolo red or iron are my favourites.
    Thanks for the contest !

  11. Mackenzie Says:

    Oh wow- these are all unbelievable. I think that if I won, I would choose the Colombina Occhi Red. Or maybe the Colombina Musica. Gorgeous.

  12. Mackenzie Says:

    And now I’m looking through all of the masks above $50 and may faint from gasping…

  13. Charlotte Says:

    These are so very beautiful!
    What a generous and exciting contest! :)
    My husband was swooning over the Colombina Barocco Cavalli silver mask. It’d be a lovely addition in our living room. But, they all seem so pretty! Great craftsmanship!

  14. Ross Brown Says:

    Awesome! If I win, I would like the Diavolo Iron

  15. Jessica Says:

    These two are my favorite. I’d probably pick the Volto Pagliaccio C. It would be an awesome mask to wear to the concert I’m going to on Halloween night. :)

  16. Tanya Says:

    I like all the pretties!

    But this one is my favorite!

  17. Lanenk Says:

    So cool! I would pick the COLOMBINA STELLA BLACK out of those options. But I was looking in the other sections and I agree with you about the metal laser cut mask, so pretty. I really like the catwoman one in particular.

  18. Mimsy Says:

    These are fantastic! I especially love the Colombina Mezza Blue. Kid in a candy store over here. Beautiful work!

  19. Jes Says:

    I loooove the Diavolo Iron, but would probably go for Diavolo Red, since I was too broke to buy my boyfriend an 11th anniversary gift, and he is a GREAT lover of Venetian masks AND red devil imagery. :)

  20. zer0sleep Says:

    These are gorgeous. I love the Columbina Barocco Cavalli in white or bronze.

  21. Grisel Says:

    Ohmigawsh!! I am completely taken aback by these spectacular masquerade masks! I have always wanted to attend a masquerade ball and go to Venice, Italy! Crossing my fingers- one day right? If I had to choose just one(very difficult to do), I would choose the colombina barocco cavalli silver. I can’t believe these are hand-made!

  22. Frances Says:

    In love with the Colombina Barocco Sole White! I may just have to buy one of these even if I don’t win!

  23. Katie Says:

    These are fantastic masks. This is just the perfect time of the year to be looking at these.

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