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Tattoo Show and Tell

July 4th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Flock of Bats TattooI’m feeling silly today, so I’m declaring a reader interaction day.

I see a lot of posts about tattoos in my Facebook feed,* from friends either showing off their latest acquisition or planning their next piece of art. If you have tats, tell us about them in the comments: What are they, and why did you choose them? If you’re planning a new one, what do you want to get? Feel free to post links to photos (although a “NSFW” warning, if appropriate, is appreciated).

I’ll go first: I currently have none, because although my husband has many wonderful qualities an appreciation of tattoos is not amongst them. Someday, however, I shall have bats; either a flock of the friendly little creatures as shown above, or a nature scene like this one. (I can’t find an attribution for the flock; the sleeve is by Matthew Amey.)

Now it’s your turn: Tell us about your inky aspirations!

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  1. Frank Says:

    Not sure if this link will work, but here goes.

    It’s White Ninja, who is the star of a strange little webcomic. I’ve been a fan for years, and one day I had a buddy tell me he was learning to tattoo, so I made a bit of an impulse decision and became his second or third living canvas.

    I love it, but most people think I have a penis man tattoo on my leg, which also amuses me.

    Future plans are a C’thulhu sleeve, because I might as well make everyone uncomfortable by covering my arm with tentacley goodness. (Folks around here seem to equate tentacles with porn, not horror, which leads me to suspect they are all possibly perverts deep down inside)

  2. Terri Says:

    I have a purple cartoon bat (which I drew) on my right upper back and a trail of blue stars inside my left calf.

  3. Sisifo Says:

    My husband isn’t a fan either, but I’d LOVE to do a half sleeve on each arm. One side dedicated to the ocean: waves, a pirate ship, maybe an octopus tentacle, a mermaid, and maybe a small anchor on my ring finger.
    The other sleeve I’d like to be Halloween-themed: the Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, bats, a black dahlia, and a skull and crossbones damask.
    Big dreams, I know. {:

  4. Jessica Says:

    I have sparrows, one on each wrist. They were a spur of the moment “Let’s get tattoos and then go drinking.” thing with friends. I can’t imagine not having them now. I also have the Taurus zodiac symbol on my neck.

    I’m constantly planning new ink. I plan to get my sweet boys paw prints on my inner ankle soon.

  5. Jessica Says:

    Oh, and I’m planning a Hitchhikers Guide half sleeve and a haunted house half sleeve.

  6. WitchArachne Says:

    I have a spider on my lower back. When I was a kid I was always feeling guilty about things. Pretty much anything. Even stuff I didn’t do. It’s part of my OCD. Anyway, the legend of the Greek woman Arachne is that she loved weaving and was awesomesauce at it. She challenged Athena to a weaving competition and not only beat her but embarassed the crap out of her in the process. In revenge, Athena made Arachne feel the guilt of every single person in the world until she was so miserable she killed herself. Then Athena felt bad for her, so she brought her back to life as a spider so she and her daughters could weave forever.
    Also spiders are rad.

    Future plans include I a ship to remind me of the guts it took for me to sail on the Young Endeavour when I did. And also the Black Rabbit of Inle from Watership Down to remind me not to be afraid of the unknown because it might be better than I think.

  7. José Bruno Says:

    Let’s see. I have 3 tattoos so far, and at this one-a-semester pace, I’ll have 5 by the end of 2013.

    My first one was a big fallen angel on my torso.

    Here’s the reference:

    Here’s the result:

    Slightly better view at the cost of being slightly less safe for work:

    Then a little later that year, Max Temkin of Cards Against Humanity fame made a kickstarter to press some Philosophy Posters, and I fell in love with his Nietzsche silhouette, so I asked him if he’d be okay with me tattooing it. He was kind enough to not only give me the go-ahead, but in fact send me a clean reference picture, and soon enough:

    Which in turn prompted this on his side:

    My next tattoo was my gothy way of paying hommage to the graduation course I took (Political Science / International Relations):

    Those are the three I have.

    Now, I have a friend in the States who happens to be a mindblowingly talented artist whose art dwells on a kind of “how we feel just after waking up” aesthetic. She’s a professional artist and illustrator, and she took a tattoo course at some point. So I ordered an original art for my next tat, a Poe-esque Raven to put on my forearm. The art is done and being shipped to my home in Brazil as I write this. Here’s a preview:

    Later this year, I want to get the first sentence of Call of Cthulhu (“The most merciful thing…”) on my ribs, opposite to the fallen angel. I’m undecided between Lovecraft’s original wording or the Dr Seuss version from DrFrankenstein on deviantart (“The most merciful thing in the world is, I think, / That the mind is unable to correlate and link / All the facts and the pieces of things that we know, / And thus learn of the *horrors* that lurk down below”).

  8. Sally Says:

    I have no tattoos and no real plans to get one, but I must say I was totally distracted by Wikipedia in looking up that fallen angel statue of Jose Bruno’s. So I looked at the picture, the statue, the statue that statue replaced in the cathedral, and on and on for about twenty more minutes. :) Thanks! :)

  9. Pixel Pixie Says:

    In the order I received them:
    Celtic knotwork around my bellybutton
    ankh on right shoulder
    Nordic runes on left shoulder
    phoenix on back of right shoulder
    dragon on the back of left shoulder

    I was feeling the urge to get inked again last summer, but couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I got my nose pierced instead. Now, the urge is rising again, and I still haven’t decided.

  10. xJane Says:

    You guys are all awesome. I have two, a yin yang on my lower back (because, at the time, I needed balance in my life) and this on my foot, because (as WitchArachne says above) “spiders are rad”. But also because I love spiders and have always thought of them as friends. It’s a black widow because I live in SoCal where they are the alpha bitch of the spider world and because I was considering getting a tattoo and a friend who I had never talked about spiders with (and who was high at the time) said, “You’re definitely a black widow. If there is any animal that you are, it is a black. widow.” So. I think I had previously been thinking of one of the big hairy Seattle spiders, but the black widow really resonated. There’s no red because she’s not upside down (she’s facing the same way I am, because we stand together and she’s on my side), but her shape makes it clear what she is—and she has totally froke out friends and strangers alike (including a TSA agent last week).

    WitchArachne—I’d love to see yours :D

    Also, they are totally addictive!!! DH doesn’t love them, but his response to them is “::shrug:: it’s your body…” I want a Japanese saying on my flank (because I do judo and it’s a judo thing). That’s next.

    Pixel Pixie—what runes?

  11. Holly Says:

    I have a small Capricorn symbol on my pelvis (it was my first one) I then got a supposed Chinese symbol that supposedly symbolizes serenity but for all I know says kung pao chicken (I was young and silly) then when I got married I got a blue dragon wrapped around it as a wedding gift. Those are on my inner ankle. On the other ankle I have my forever dog’s collar and tags wrapped around it with honeysuckle and lilies tucked in it. Got that after he passed.

    I am planning on my next to be done in white ink and it will be a small aspen leaf with raison d’etre written under it. Not sure where yet. It’s for my daughter who’s middle name is Aspen.

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