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Reward Haunters with Cemetery Treats

September 24th, 2013 by Cobwebs

Cemetery TreatsOver at the Seeing Things blog, M.J. shares a simply lovely idea for spreading a little Halloween love.

Every year, a few nights before Halloween, my husband and I hop in the car and drive around the city looking for the best yard haunt we can find. When we finally spot the most horrifying, spine tingling, hair raising yard haunt that meets our pretty stiff criteria we stealthy approach the front door, in full costume, ring the bell and present the creator/owner of the yard haunt with a special little sumthin, sumthin for bringing delight to our Halloween. We have met the best people doing this, made some terrific friends and snagged some awesome haunt ideas!

She’s got instructions for creating a spooky-looking box full of creepy, edible treats: Icing roses, “coffin nails,” four kinds of “graveyard dirt” labeled with their cemeteries of origin, and much else. The execution is really clever; the coffin nails, for instance, are made of Pocky, cut in half and sharpened with a (clean) pencil sharpener. (I also love the idea of specialty cemetery dirt.) The post includes a detailed supplies list and downloadable labels to print.

I just adore this idea. Not only is it a great excuse to spend an evening driving around and admiring decorations, it allows you to reward people who have made a special effort to be spooky. As a bonus, you get the chance to meet like-minded people and perhaps even make new friends.

If an elaborately decorated box is a bit beyond your ambition (or if you think you might like to reward multiple houses), there are plenty of simpler alternatives. I’m a big fan of (clean) paint cans as a packaging option: They’re available very inexpensively at hardware stores and some craft supply stores (I’ve also seen clear plastic ones at craft stores), have a nice tight-fitting lid, and are easy to label and/or decorate.* You might also choose large Chinese takeout-style containers (also available at craft stores, often in the bridal section), cardboard craft boxes, or bundles tied up in Halloween-themed bandanas. Fill with a selection of candy and some cheap novelty Halloween items from a dollar store or a site such as Oriental Trading.

Then take to the streets and reward fellow spooksters. You’ll have fun, and they’ll appreciate their efforts being noticed.

*Paint cans are also a great choice if you want to “Boo” your neighborhood. If you aren’t familiar with that tradition, the nutshell version: Make up one or two baskets of Halloween goodies and leave them anonymously on neighbors’ doorsteps along with instructions to “boo it forward” by doing the same thing with other neighbors. Include a sign for them to hang in their front window so they don’t get re-booed by somebody else. There are sample signs and poems here.

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  1. Sisifo Says:

    Love. Love. And love. We have friends that invite us over for pizza and a scary movie every year, and she loves Halloween almost as much as I do. I might have to make her one.

  2. xJane Says:

    I love when people do something awesome like this and then are all, “You know, it took me a while and some skill to gather all this stuff, but the real talent is the putting-together-of-it and in any case, I think more of this awesome should be out there. Click here to download my version of awesome and then go forth and be awesome! Or even awesomer!”

    Also, what are the Bits of Bone made of??? I must know (I would crumble meringues.) And the tombstones? Why are they not grey?

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