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The Link Dump of Oz

December 27th, 2013 by Cobwebs

PyroPet – As the cute kitty candle melts, it reveals an aluminum cat skeleton within. (Hat tip to Beans)

Best Friends Forever – This winsome rendition of Ellen Ripley and her li’l xenomorph pal is ridiculously charming.

Prepare for Battle! – I want to meet the woman who wrote this Amazon review and become her best friend.

Steampunk Frankenstein’s Monster – Legendary FX master Rick Baker made up as a steampunk version of the monster. This is amazing work. (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

Cthucken – Like a turducken, only more Cthuloid. I have no idea what this is made of–it looks more sculptural than edible–but if I found one in my house I’d scream. (Edit: It’s edible. Oh lawsey, lawsey, lawsey.)

Stack and Scare – “Monstrous” sets of wooden building blocks. (via Cat)

Skull Armchair – This is the sort of thing a Bond villain would sit in, stroking a fluffy white cat.

ShapeShifterZ – Manufacturers of printed workout clothes that make you look like a superhero, voodoo doll, gargoyle, or other improbably-exercising thing.

Necropants – Icelandic “magical” item made of the flayed skin of the lower half of a corpse. NSFW. (Hat tip to xJane)

The Eyes Have It – Easy tutorial for adding eyeball patches to the elbows of clothing. Also just try and say “elbow eyeballs” five times fast.

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  1. KG Says:

    Love the eyeball elbow patches. I should do that with spiderwebs.

  2. Laurie Brown Says:

    I nearly choked to death reading the Amazon review! And while I’d love to have more money, I’m not quite sure I want a scrotum full of it.

  3. xJane Says:

    That kitty is awesome!

    The little xenomorph looks just as annoyed as a kitty carried the same way.

    That is the most hilarious (and unfortunate) thing I’ve ever read. As an avid user—and evangelist!—for such things, I feel compelled to state that I’ve never heard the age thing, only the child birth thing and she should’ve gone with size A. Also, she did not imagine the rusty hinge noises, that’s legitimately an excellent description of the sound of natural rubber on natural rubber. I am grateful that she figured it out in the end—the turning, twisting, and grasping that’s involved for both insertion and…ex…sertion are difficult to describe and likely no one’s going to show you how it works.

    That is an incredible Frankenstein’s Monster! I want to meet his maker!

    And speaking of the makers of things I want to meet!! Seeing as turkey is the least good part of Thanksgiving, I am totally down to have Cthurkey.

    Adorable monsters!!

    I like that chair, but it’s really only striking from behind. If it’s not on casters, so that the Bond-villain-and-fluffy-white-cat can spin around dramatically, it’s worthless.

    haha, I might actually start exercising in those!

    Also, I basically just love the name—necropants. It sounds like something out of a twisted Harry Potter book.

    These remind me of those evil eye pendants (that are supposed to prevent the effects of people giving the evil eye by…creeping them out?). I want to sew a bunch of these onto my Egyptian aunt’s clothes just for fun.

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