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Yet Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

January 16th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Victorian Ghost Photography – Charmingly old-fashioned “trick photography.”

Gammaraybots – Etsy shop offering unique mini sculptures, including some great goth-friendly cake toppers.

Top 10 Stupidest/Weirdest Jack the Ripper Theories – An amusing roundup.

Shrunken Head Lollipops – Brilliant tutorial for converting skull-shaped suckers into shrunken heads.

Hamlet Absinthe – Absinthe in a skull-shaped bottle; tres gothe. Also available in several other colors, which I find vaguely off-putting. (The black is sort of neat, but the blue is…odd.)

The Most Horrifying Parasites – You weren’t planning on eating again any time soon, were you?

Neil Gaiman on Libraries – Lovely essay on the importance of libraries.

A Spider Did Not Bite You – Buzz Hoot Roar explains, with the help of adorable little cartoon spiders, why a brown recluse is probably not responsible for your “bite.” (Speaking of brown recluses, I always thought this was funny.)

Fake Bugs – “Phony bugs are our business.”

Beaded Death’s Head Hawkmoth – This gorgeous beaded brooch has already sold, but something similar would look stunning embroidered on a blouse.

Bonus Links

Silly Scary Songs – A collection of vintage spooky songs, such as Spike Jones’ rendition of (Ghost) Riders in the Sky. (Hat tip to pdq)

Scary Hairy Bat – Cute craft project. No instructions, but looks reasonably DIY-able.

Alice in Wonderland Doorknob – I had no idea the cartoon talking doorknob was so popular, but there are loads of people who make and sell these (some are functional, others are just for display).

Gentler Horror Films – A silly Twitter list.

Haunted Mansion Wedding Cake – This is utterly gorgeous. I love all of the little details.

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  1. xJane Says:

    I’m in heart with that absinthe (and I’m with you that the colors are weird—but I really want to see how each of them louches).

    lol, you have MRSA.

    That is some stunning beadwork.

    Oh, man, Spike Jones is my JAM.

    Haha, the adorability of a cross-eyed fang-toothed creature.

    (a) Scalzi is amazing and 2. I would watch the Sixth Sense and Sensibility.

  2. Labrys Says:

    Seriously, they suggest heavily WATERING absinthe? What a bunch of wussies. We made our own absinthe here a couple years back, it louched beautifully and gave a fast happy drunk that seemed to evaporate rather quickly.

    But even the heavy duty import stuff we tried before surely didn’t need as much water as they recommend!

  3. pdq Says:

    Oh, the LOLLIES!!! Shrunken heads are always a joy. *reminisces* I courted my husband, a head-hunter, with a bouquet of carved dried apple shrunken heads. He gave me an alligator claw backscratcher and that was that. A perfect match.

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