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Hearse Aquarium

May 8th, 2014 by Cobwebs

AquariumHere’s another item that goes in the house of my dreams. It’s an aquarium cabinet made from the rear of a Victorian horse-drawn hearse.

I learned of its existence when a member of the FB Goth After 30 group posted that his wife had just purchased it at auction (are you insanely jealous? I am). I did a bit of googling and found the auction details (although that page now seems to be broken):

Large Victorian Ebonized Aquarium Cabinet, 19th century and later. Fashioned from the rear glazed doors of a New Orleans style horse drawn hearse, adapted on modern stand to accommodate tank, filter and lighting, all included, 80.5″ x 57″ x 41″ – 204.5 x 144.8 x 104.1 cm.

Someone with good woodworking skills could probably make a reasonably similar replica (or a reduced-scale version, since the full-sized one is enormous). It might also be possible to decorate a modern cabinet with faux wooden detailing carved from insulating foam of the sort used for prop tombstones). It’d certainly be an amazing focal point for a room, especially if it was decorated with miniature shipwrecks and stocked with black fish (or varieties, like glass catfish, where you can see all their bones). I guess you could go all-out and make it a piranha tank, too.

I’ve always loved the look of horse-drawn hearses, but had never considered their potential for displaying anything besides coffins. Repurposing one as an aquarium (or simply a curio cabinet) is just brilliant.

Bonus Link: Whilst I was looking for the auction info I also stumbled upon this cabinet which also has a distinctly hearsey vibe; I think it’s the oval windows.

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  1. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    Amazing how people come up with these ideas. This, and the other cabinet are both so beautiful. Thanks again for finding and sharing.

  2. ShellHawk Says:

    That’s a thing of beauty!

  3. xJane Says:

    The Elder Goðs.

  4. Pixel Pixie Says:

    I need three of these. Cat-proofed.

  5. saw Says:

    im still getting up my coffin tank using the coffin i bought from the local highschools dracula play

    so far the only downside is im a little short for the height of the tank….

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