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Halloween Survival Kit

May 20th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Halloween Survival KitFabulous commenter Pixel Pixie pointed me at this neat Halloween Survival Kit created by graphic designer Elizabeth McMann as part of her portfolio. I take some exception to the name, since it’s clearly a monster survival kit,* but I quite like the organization and stripped-down aesthetic. I also like the idea of an all-purpose monster-deterrent package, so you’ll be prepared for whatever you find when you investigate that noise in the basement.

Since the kit and the smaller boxes it contains appear to be simple pasteboard affairs, it’d be fairly easy to print and assemble a custom kit containing whatever ingredients you like. You could also do something a bit more elaborate using a wooden tea chest or a presentation box: This and this are pricey because they include the tea, but empty ones should be available from manufacturers of specialty containers or suppliers of bulk teas.

Devising a list of repellent items to include would be half the fun. The garlic (for vampires) and sage (for ghosts) shown in McMann’s kit are good choices; I’m not entirely sure what some of the other boxes’ icons are meant to represent (I assume the little bottle with a cross is holy water, and the box with just the cross is…maybe a cross-shaped amulet? Dunno). You’d definitely want to ensure that each item is easily recognizable, since grabbing the wolfsbane when you needed the Mothman spray could be disastrous.

Draw or find clipart for each label, and include instructions (e.g. “For use with Yeti only; attempting to use this product for Sasquatch may result in death or dismemberment”) as necessary.

A large kit would be an interesting prop or conversation piece, and mini-kits containing two or three items would make unusual party or wedding favors.

(Thanks, Pixel Pixie!)

*A Halloween survival kit would contain, one would assume, things like glow sticks, hand sanitizer, and emergency chocolate. Totally different, although also fun to make.

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  1. Oldhalloween Says:

    Oh good…I felt relieved to see you thought wedding favors too! Little balsa wood boxes that are always in bins at the craft stores might have a new purpose with this project. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Pixel Pixie Says:

    A Halloween survival kit would include a list of sarcastic retorts to anyone who says “why don’t you dress like a normal person for Halloween?”

  3. xJane Says:

    Mothman spray made me giggle. Everyone knows it’s a cream.

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