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Bass Dogs

June 12th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Bass DogThis is the sort of thing that I would normally just toss in a link dump, but Jay Bentley determinedly playing a corgi needs a wider audience.

After noticing that “bass players who use their fingers as opposed to a pick look like they’re tickling hairy dogs,” Michael M decided to make that connection more obvious with poorly-photoshopped dogs. Thus began Bass Dogs, and it is glorious.

He accepts submissions, but only if they’re photoshopped; he’s quite adamant that no one should attempt to play a real dog like a bass. He apparently will also do requests if you send him a photo, although he says he has a bit of a backlog. (And yes, he knows that the photoshopping is bad; according to his FAQ, he likes that bit the best.)

The dogs are often appropriately-costumed, such as the bee-suited dachshund being played by Sting. The blog will also occasionally branch out with things like piano sharks.

The whole thing is really deeply surreal and also deeply wonderful. I may never be able to look at a bassist again without giggling.

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  1. xJane Says:

    no one should attempt to play a real dog like a bass

    I feel like there is a story here that I am being denied.

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