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Still Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

July 10th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Ghost Purse – This site is all Japanese and I have no idea if the same design is available elsewhere, but I love this little ghost trying to look menacing.

Klára Pernicová – Artist who creates interesting pieces like snail and slug headphones (which I would totally wear if they were actually for sale) and human ear hair clips (which are creepy).

Animal Lip Art – These little lipstick animals are adorable.

The D’Morte-Disney Tarot – Splendid illustration of the major arcana featuring characters from classic Disney cartoons.

7 Terrifying Video Games You Can Play for Free – A roundup.

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party – Hostess with the Mostess showcases party ideas for people with far more time and disposable income than most of us have, but it’s still possible to crib an idea here and there. This Wonderland-themed party is pretty stinkin’ cute.

Skull Nails – Nails with skull-shaped heads. These would be a neat detail on woodworking projects.

Horse Master – “The game of horse mastery.” Free, text-based online game. I don’t care if the last game you played was “David Cronenberg and Phillip K. Dick’s Excellent Adventure,” this one is weirder and more unsettling.

This Day in Murder – A murder for every day of the year.

How to Make Origami Claws – Just in case you need to disembowel somebody during a staff meeting.

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  1. Breid Says:

    Ugh, I tried reading This Day in Murder but the white on black text gave me a headache.

  2. xJane Says:

    lol! That’s adoracute. And looks like a simple enough design to sew.

    Those ears would be the perfect prank to play on someone after their first experience with absinthe. (Also, your link is broken: should be bobby-pins, not bobbie-pins.)

    Justice and Strength are always my favorite cards—and Justice did not let me down!

    Where you see this, I see this.

    [This is not an attempt to break your blog but rather an attempt to show off my “disposable income, lol” meme.]

    I ran into a former [law] classmate at a networking event and we greeted each other like long lost siblings, causing the people I had been networking with to ask how we met. “Well,” says he, “We actually met at a blacksmithing class.” “Yeah!” I join in, loving where this is going, “You know, I never did get the hang of nails…” since everything I know about blacksmithing I learned from Skyrim. “Right?” He returns, “You’d think they’d be the easiest thing in the world, but nooooo!” At this point, former networkees have the look of “You guys are so cool and lead such interesting lives I might have to kill myself,” which is the goal of any of these functions, let’s be honest. And then he says something for which I shall never forgive him: “Naw, just messin’ with you. We went to law school together.” We had them going, man! Why’d you go and ruin it‽ The point of this story being, in our fantasy of blacksmithing, my nails were lucky to be straight, but his were intricately designed—like unto these.

  3. KG Says:

    I want the nails!!!

  4. Mim Says:

    I love the ghost purse, it’s so cute.

    Also, when are they releasing the Excellent Adventure film? I’d pay good money for that one…

  5. Jessica Says:

    This was the first post I read, and apparently it happened in my home town. I’m interested in finding the house it happened in.

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