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July 25th, 2014 by Cobwebs

Cross-Stitched Microbes – Etsy shop Wally’s Wall Stuff has some great cross-stitch designs; I particularly like the Wash Your Hands reminder.

Our Neighbor’s House – io9 has an exclusive excerpt from Emily Carroll’s horror comic collection Through The Woods.

“Rat Queens” to be a Cartoon – I don’t read a lot of comics so I’d never heard of this series, but it sounds pretty awesome. A branch of Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop is turning it into a cartoon.

The Odyssey in Legos – This amazing mega-Lego installation features most of the high points of The Odyssey.

Texts from Cephalopods – “It is a well-established fact in marine biology that the octopus is the drunk texter of the cephalopod family.”

Extreme Wine Pairings – Just in case you were wondering whether red or white went better with grasshoppers.

Caleb Brown’s Surreal Paintings – Brown depicts a near-future world where humanity is threatened by giant insects and flying sharks. I for one welcome our new otter overlords.

Urban Bugs – Splendid “lookbook” of beetles dressed in various fashion brands.

Listen to Bats Sing – Wolves aren’t the only children of the night who make music.

Left No Ball Unchased – Neat Atlas Obscura article about pet epitaphs. The Kliban-esque tombstone for the cat “Woodstock” is especially wonderful. (Also I just now discovered that Atlas Obscura has a Morbid Monday feature. Awesome.)

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  1. xJane Says:

    Subversive Cross Stitch and Watty’s Wall Stuff and Cross Stitchery makes me wonder if I’d stuck with it if I had more interesting things to cross stitch as a kid.

    ::shivers:: that was a great story!

    File under Things That Occur When You Have Both Too Much Time and Too Many Legos On Your Hands.

    Bat noises! Awesome! Now I just have to decide which ones to turn into ringtones! They remind me a bit of hummingbird noises.

    Awww! I was wondering how you knew it Woodstock was a cat…

  2. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    I love building all the Monster Legos kits they have, I think it is fun, plus takes up time to liven up my otherwise very busy schedule of binge-watching Netfix. I wish I could be creative enough to make my own designs of huge amazing things for people to ogle at over the internet. (Have you seen the amazing things they do with Legos at Disney World? not goth, but quite epic)

    Surrealism is my favorite style of painting, and these are awesome!

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