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August 15th, 2014 by Cobwebs

It’s Just Wood – Nice little meditation on the liberation that comes from knowing how to make things.

Sock Holder – Splendid addition to a laundry room.

Peter Dinklage – This is oddly compelling.

Death Wooed Us – Interesting photography project which “catalogues places where people have taken their own lives and the views that may have been the last things these people saw.”

Floral Skull Shower Curtain – This “beautiful death” shower curtain is a bit pricey, but lovely. It’s also available on the Society6 site as a print.

Rafael Silveira – Painter of surreal art with a comic-book vibe.

Monika Horčicová – Sculptor who creates macabre but oddly soothing pieces from cast-resin skeletons.

Stones and Bones – Project by illustrator DZO featuring intricate drawings on animal skulls and smooth rocks.

Death Eater Mask – Nice tutorial from EPBOT.

Boo! Cubes – Ice cube/gelatin molds shaped like li’l three-dimensional ghosts.

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  1. xJane Says:

    A podcast that I used to listen to ends every episode with “Don’t forget to hack your world.” Those are words of wisdom to live by. Since I work knee-deep in tech, it’s hard to remember that a “hack” is just “a kind of a amateurish, delighted shortcut right through the membranes of standard institutional apparatus” (so says Stewart Brand, anyway). Like not buying something you can make.

    I laughed out loud. That’s adorable. And potentially a way of keeping all the mismatched socks in one place so that when you do find the match (which inevitably happens to me), you don’t think, “Hmm…now what did I do with that other one…?”

    I am incensed at the popularity of this because my friends and I do it so much better. Or at least more drunkenly. And there’s harmonies involved. ::sigh:: But someone got to a microphone before we did.

    I am almost positive that those ghosts would float upside down in water. But as a mold for zombie jello shots, we might be onto something.

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