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28 Link Dumps Later

August 22nd, 2014 by Cobwebs

Paranormal Ghost Prank – Since these guys apparently “prank” each other like this regularly it’s questionable how much of the guy’s fear is genuine. Still, given the relative simplicity of the setup it’d be fairly effective.

USB Squirming Tentacle – I want to get a USB hub and have a dozen of these all writhing at once.

Hand-painted Raven Scarf – This is just gorgeous. Given the detail, it’s not a bad price, either. (via Burning Prairie)

Bat Napkin Rings – Attractive, understated design. They’re pleasingly inexpensive, but could also be DIY’d by gluing bat-shaped buttons to plain napkin rings. (Hat tip to Pixel Pixie)

Wake the Dead – Cute kids’ book about a little boy who makes so much noise he…y’know.

Let’s Mummify Barbie! – This is a great, hilariously creepy, educational activity for kids.

Concrete Skull Lamp – xJane sent me this link with the comment, “expensive, but likely DIYable.” A definite yes to both.

Full Mash – Beer company with labels like, “Apparition,” “Seance,” “Nevermore,” and “Illuminati.” Handy for Halloween parties.

A Woman’s Work is Never Done – Project by textile artist Eliza Bennett, in which she embroiders her own hands. I realize that slipping a needle under the top layer of skin doesn’t really hurt, but these photos just squick me right the hell out.

Hanging Bats Salt and Pepper Shakers – These seem to be exclusive to Jo-Ann Fabric, so I don’t know if they’re available outside of the U.S. They’re pretty cute, though.

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  1. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    A Womans Work……LOVE IT!!….the USB is really cool too. but love the womans “hand-y” work!!! Happy Friday and Happy Haunting to all!

  2. WitchArachne Says:

    Guh. That shawl is absolutely gorgeous. I NEED it.

  3. Kathy White Says:

    When I think of the number of times I have run sewing or embroidery needles through my finger(s) by accident, watching someone do it on purpose AS ART is dumbfounding. I know she is only going through the thick dead layer of epidermis on her palm and fingers but I still cringe. And wonder how she washes her hands. Or prepares food.

  4. Pixel Pixie Says:

    The salt and pepper shakers WILL be mine.

  5. Laurie Brown Says:

    They should describe the Skull lamp as “A bright idea”. Or perhaps one only turns it on when one has an idea.

  6. xJane Says:

    Wow, that scarf is incredible!

    Where did she get those canopic jars, because my desk is in need of a paperclips holder.

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