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Trivia Tuesday

October 7th, 2014 by Cobwebs

  1. This Slavic hag flies around in a mortar, carries a pestle, and lives in a cottage that stands on chicken legs.
  2. John Keats’ poem about a woman who keeps the head of her murdered lover in a pot of herbs is entitled, “Isabella, or the Pot of ______.”
    A) Rosemary
    B) Bay
    C) Lavender
    D) Mint
    E) Basil
  3. In this dark comedy starring a young Tom Hanks, the residents of a quiet cul-de-sac begin to suspect that their new neighbors might be serial killers.
  4. In 1981 Siouxsie Sioux began a percussion-heavy side project with Banshees’ drummer Budgie. What was the name of their act?
    A) Bella Morte
    B) This Ascension
    C) Temple of Rain
    D) The Creatures
    E) Mephisto Waltz
  5. What is the name of the sunken city where “dead” Cthulhu sleeps until the stars come right?
  6. The movie Monster Squad, in which the immortal line, “Wolfman’s got nards!” is uttered, features a group of horror movie-loving kids trying to defeat a team of classic movie monsters. Which of these is NOT amongst the monsters?
    A) Count Dracula
    B) Invisible Man
    C) Frankenstein’s Monster
    D) Gill-Man
    E) Mummy
  7. Which of the Brontë sisters wrote Wuthering Heights?
  8. In this seminal survival-horror video game, protagonist Harry Mason searches a monster-filled town for his daughter Cheryl.
    A) Corpse Party
    B) Haunting Ground
    C) Fatal Frame
    D) Parasite Eve
    E) Silent Hill
  9. In Ghostbusters Egon and Ray decide to look for the name Zuul in “the usual literature,” mentioning Spates Catalog and this other important guide.
  10. This 2010 horror comedy turns the “college kids killed by deranged hillbillies” trope on its ear, making the hillbillies the well-meaning good guys.
    A) 35 Miles from Normal
    B) Into the West
    C) Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
    D) Mountain Men
    E) Cottage Country

(Answers below the fold)

  1. Baba Yaga
  2. E) Basil
  3. The ‘Burbs
  4. D) The Creatures
  5. R’lyeh
  6. B) Invisible Man
  7. Emily
  8. E) Silent Hill
  9. Tobin’s Spirit Guide
  10. C) Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

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5 Responses

  1. Kathy White Says:

    I bombed, completely and utterly deep-sixed. One answer correct. I’m going back to bed.

  2. Oldhalloween Says:

    I finally watched the answer to number 10 a few months ago. Great movie.

  3. xJane Says:

    Three, but in my defense, the answer to #5 caused me to go insane.

  4. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    I got 4, which is the most I have ever gotten, I think!
    I watched #10 on Netflix a few months ago, and then made several people I know watch it.

  5. Mim Says:

    NINE! My best-ever score. It was number 10 I failed on.

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