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The Hundred-Foot Link Dump

October 31st, 2014 by Cobwebs

It’s Halloween, a.k.a. my single favorite day of the year. So double link dumps for everybody!

(And tell me what you’re doing for Halloween!)

Carrion Comfort Creations – Etsy shop full of coffin boxes, human finger key holders, and the creepiest painted ceramic teacups you have ever seen.

Halloween Hairstyles – A roundup. The bun with spider legs is adorable. (Hat tip to pdq)

Paranoid Magical Thinking – Interesting-sounding YA-ish novel which BoingBoing describes as “Melrose Place for quasi-magical, super powered misfits.”

Cthulhu Chess Set – Gorgeous set featuring handmade polymer clay pieces. The seller has some adorable dragons for sale too.

Halloween Poems – Extensive roundup of spooky poems for Halloween.

Health Goth – A new “subcultural movement” where you…go to the gym…wearing black, I guess? Apparently the main difference between this and “every goth who goes to the gym, ever” is that you wear a particular brand of clothing instead of all the other black stuff in your closet. Whatever.

Ikea Instructions for Monsters – Artist Ed Harrington has created a series of instruction sheets for assembling monsters.

Mad Science Birthday Party – This kids’ party theme isn’t even “vaguely irritated science,” let alone “mad,” but I sort of love the gummi worms in the petri dishes.

Boo Bark – Easy-to-make candy bark featuring cute li’l ghosts.

Pegacorn Anatomy – Tragedy Series has a cut-out standup labeling the innards of the rare and elusive Pegacorn. I wonder what the jellybean gland does.

Teddy Bear the Porcupine’s Halloween Feast – Adorable porcupine is adorable, and sounds like Cousin Itt. I was most taken with this bit from the video description: “(Sorry fans, Teddy just would NOT wear a costume, we tried!)” You…tried to put a costume on a porcupine? (Hat tip to Bruno)

Passed On – This ‘toon from Perry Bible Fellowship made me giggle.

Tango Macabre – Free skeleton-themed TrueType font which, unlike many skeleton-themed fonts, has the advantage of actually being readable.

Google Your Birthday – This would be an amusing party theme: Come as you were.

These Spider Fangs Aren’t Going To Photograph Themselves – An entomologist describes how he got some stunning close-up photos of a Sydney funnel-web spider’s hardware.

Potato Print Monster Tees – Super-cute idea for kids’ T-shirts. I love the “skeleton friends” (slide 2). Includes a how-to guide.

Nice Knockers – This Labyrinth-inspired cosplay is sort of brilliant.

All-Seeing Eye Button – Uber-creepy fashion design featuring eye buttons which fit into eyelid buttonholes.

Long Ma – This huge mechanical dragon-horse is just astonishing, and conjures up images of some ancient inventor creating such a creature to frighten away invaders.

Glam Halloween Jewelry – EPBOT has a great tutorial for making resin jewelry with scrapbooking stickers.

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  1. KG Says:

    Those knockers! Hilarious. Also, saved that font.

  2. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    Those hairstyles are awesome. All I did with my hair this year was put it pigtails with a bunch of rubber bands spaces out, then stuck those spider rings on each rubber band (the kind you get an entire bag for $1, and sometimes they come with skulls or in multicolor, these were just black)

    Health Goth seems stupid, why do we need names for every thing?

    I love the noises that Teddy makes! So cute! I had no idea porcupines sounded like that!

    I love that come as you were party idea so much, that I am going to have to steal it! Who were you btw? I got an english painter

  3. xJane Says:

    I…did not think those were fingers at first.

    I äm løving the råndöm Swedish accents. Especially “ÄLIEN” and “EVÅRD”. “VÖRHEES” is a close tie.

    Well, I would guess it’s the ruminating organ that regurgitates partially-digested food as jelly beans. This is because when the unicorn was mated with the pegasus, the rainbow puke was corrupted genetically and the pegacorn pukes only jelly beans.

    The noises that porcupine makes made my ovaries explode.

    I feel like reincarnation should take…longer, somehow. There is clearly not a finite amount of soul-stuff, since the population is only growing, so it doesn’t make any sense that Ketti Frings was looking for a nubile young body as soon as she died. Seems more likely that one of my ancestors hung out until the right time. Or whomever I ended up with was just at the wrong place in the great Take A Number line of reincarnation (I’m imagining the DMV).

    The body posture of that spider in the venom-extracting photo.

    The night before Hallowe’en, my crew watched Young Frankenstein because our Salon had degenerated into quoting it ad nauseum, including many many iterations of, “What knockers!!” “Oh…sank you!”

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