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Bloody Valentine Shirt

January 22nd, 2015 by Cobwebs

Bloody ValentineJust in time for Valentine’s Day, BoifromIpanema has a great tutorial for adding a bloody anatomical heart to a shirt or blouse.

His instructions begin, “draw an anatomical heart onto the front of your shirt,” which means that his artistic skills are significantly greater than my own. If you’re in the same boat, just find an image of a heart that you like and transfer it onto the fabric. Searching Google Images for “anatomical heart outline” returns a lot of simplified drawings that are suitable for tracing, and Home Stories A to Z has a roundup of various methods for transferring images; choose whichever one looks easiest.

The rest of the process is pretty straightforward, painting the heart with dye and letting it spread a little. The tutorial suggests using tie-dye resist to prevent the dye from spreading too much, but you could probably omit that step; the heart should look fine surrounded with a little seeping blood.

This is an amusing antidote to the sugary-sweet imagery you usually see on Valentine’s Day. Give a shirt to your sweetie, gift friends with a matching pair, or wear one yourself to make strangers vaguely nervous.

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  1. cookie Says:

    It makes me vaguely annoyed to notice that he went through all that fuss and put it on the wrong side of his shirt.

  2. xJane Says:

    lol @cookie.

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