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The Link Dumps of Madagascar

January 30th, 2015 by Cobwebs

The Hallowig – Knitty has a fairly easy pattern for a knitted wig made with brightly-colored yarn.

Memorial Molar Ring – Odd memento mori-ish sort of ring made with vintage porcelain molars.

California Carnivores – Huge retail carnivorous plant nursery. In addition to selling lots of interesting varieties, the site is a great learning resource.

Nessie Ladle – I love the way the long neck of this ladle peers out of your soup at you.

Viral Fear – A roundup of creepy urban legends which have been spread by the internet.

The Devil’s Bible – The 13th-Century Codex Gigas has been scanned by the World Digital Library and is available online. It’s primarily text, but there are some pretty illuminations. A National Geographic documentary about the manuscript is here.

Improbable Island – Elaborate text-adventure game in which you are charged with destroying a leaking Improbability Device. Be sure to check out the rookie guide.

Housepig – Lots of vintage movie posters, including a lot of horror movies.

Nutter Butter Bats – Super-easy “bats” made using peanut-shaped cookies.

Cthupid – Just in time for Valentine’s Day, these Cthulhoid Cupids will surely win your sweetie’s heart. Or rip it out. One of those.

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  1. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    Those Nutter Butter bats are cute. I made Nutter Butter ghosts for my wedding. LOL

  2. Mim Says:

    Hehehe, I love Cthupid!

  3. xJane Says:

    Okay, so I’m onboard with a memento mori ring with teeth but…with teeth of my loved one, not random teeth. That’s just weird.

    I know I could google it, but I think of the Devil’s Bible as from Aziraphale’s collection.

    “Cthupid” doesn’t make me think “aww, cute little wingéd Cthulhu” so much as “insults I hear when your mouth is filled with peanut butter.”

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