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A Most Violent Link Dump

February 13th, 2015 by Cobwebs

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn as Terrifying Monsters – Today’s horoscope: You will be messily slaughtered.

Vintage Monster Valentines – These Topps Valentines featuring classic monsters are fabulous.

Meet the Family – A collection of antique cabinet cards, surreally altered by artist Colin Batty. You can see some examples and buy prints of individual cards at Peculiarium (about halfway down the page).

Handicorn – Turn your boring old hand into a unicorn with these finger puppets. I love this much more than I should.

Enchanted Forest Mushroom Lights – Instructable for making li’l glowy mushrooms. Be sure to check the comments, where one person shared a pretty blue version.

The Stock Photobomber – Art director Matthew Vescovo amuses himself by photoshopping his image into stock photography.

Origami Vampire Fangs – There are several steps, but origami-wise this is a fairly straightforward design. (Hat tip to xJane)

omgliterallydead – The Instagram account of Skellie, a plastic skeleton that appears to have a better social life than I do.

Texts from Jane Eyre – Mallory Ortberg of The Toast has a book which imagines texts from various literary characters.

Cthulhu Valentines – A very dapper Old One woos his fishy paramour.

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  1. Laurie Brown Says:

    Wah- Capricorn is not horrifying. On the other hand, she is kind of sexy.

    Love the mushroom lights. I need to do that.

  2. Kaitlin Michelle Says:

    The author sent me that Texts from Jane Eyre book to review. I haven’t had the chance to go all the way through it yet, but it seems delightful. I’ve seen Skellie elsewhere on the web, I’m glad to have the original source. They are much more social than I am as well.

  3. xJane Says:

    Sagittarius is a‚Ķhorse-centaur? It’s too meta for me, I’m done. Although, to be fair, wtf is a “sea-goat”, anyway? I mean, that image is basically just exactly what it says on the tin.

    Since I don’t recognize that monster, I’m just going to replace the “I love your silky skin” image with that of Buffalo Bill. Also, “You look like Cleopatra: I can see through your nose-hole into the back of your skull.”

    “I skull NY”. Me, too, buddy. Me, too.

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