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April 17th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug – Anything drunk from this pudgy stoneware unicorn is bound to taste fantastic. There’s also a matching cereal bowl and piggy bank. (via I Have Seen the Whole of The Internet)

Monster Issues – These cute illustrations explore some of the problems that monsters face.

Alternate Universe Harry Potter – This lovely little piece imagines a slightly different world where Petunia Dursley took in Harry and “raised a young man who had eyes of his very own.”

Rocky Horror Remake Planned – This ain’t broke, and doesn’t need fixing.

Cthulhu Engagement Ring – Custom-made ring with much tentacle-y goodness.

Dark – Tokyo Milk’s line of goth-friendly bath and body products with names like Arsenic and Clove Cigarette.

Floral Penis Throw Pillow – At first glance, it’s an innocuous floral pattern. And then you look closer and it’s nothing but dicks. The site has the same pattern on several other products. (NSFW. Duh.)

Ellen Jewett – Sculptor who merges plants in animals in lovely, surreal designs.

Teeters’ Taxidermy Studio – This is some of the most wonderful squirrel taxidermy I’ve ever seen.

Fake Self-Help Books – The guy who does Pleated Jeans made up some realistic-looking fake book covers and snuck them into his local bookstore.

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  1. Fiend 4halloween Says:

    Remakes of music, sometimes just using the exact same tune..remade movies, nothing they want to remake the R.H.P.S.?!! Nooooooo….I won’t do The Timewarp without you Tim Curry!

  2. xJane Says:

    And: crying.

    Found Tokyo Milk Dark in my local steamporium and Everything & Nothing has been my scent ever since.

    That is…dedication. To the art of…I’m not even sure what. But I do want a stylish penis flower tote bag.

    I love all those deer. I feel like that’s what deer look like, anyway, just not the way you see them.

    “Part of the ‘You Are An Adult’ Series”.

  3. Devries Says:

    Speaking of Rocky Horror, There was a largely unknown sequile that was made by Daniel O’Brein made called “Shock Treatment”, It starred most of the same cast except plaaying mostly diffrent roles about the Adventures of Brad And Janet. It is VERY good but not as controvercial as Rocky.

  4. Devries Says:

    BTW I have some content I would like to suggest for this site, how is that done?

  5. WitchArachne Says:

    AU Petunia Dursley is a lot like my own Mum.
    Speaking of, guess who’s getting a whole pile of dick pillows for Mothers Day this year?

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