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“Modern Ten Plagues” Manicure

March 31st, 2015 by Cobwebs

Ten Modern PlaguesThis nail art is six levels of meta. It’s a riff on the biblical Ten Plagues of Egypt, only updated with “modern” plagues. Some of them, like, anti-vaxxers and gun violence, are sound choices; others, like NFL scandals, are a bit more…niche. (I do like the hazmat suit and the drippy blood, though.)

This made me wonder if nail art featuring the original Ten Plagues was a thing, and of COURSE it is. The same business responsible for the Modern Plagues nails, Midrash Manicures, actually sells decals depicting cow skulls, googly-eyed flies, and phlegmatic-looking frogs. A quick google also turns up some neat freehand versions like this one at 10 Blank Canvases and these (found at Marjorie Ingall).

Incidentally, Midrash Manicures has done different “modern plagues” for the past few years; you can see the whole collection here. I’m not sure why iPhones qualify as a plague, but whatever.

Passover begins April 3 and Easter is on April 5, so there’s still time to paint your nails with cutesy little reminders of divine horrors.

Bonus links: If you just can’t get enough plaguey goodness, check out the Ten Plagues Hand Puppets, Masks of the Ten Plagues, and the brilliant Passover Bag of Plagues.

(via Amber Dawn)

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  1. xJane Says:

    I love the Bag of Plagues.

    “Okay, so show up around 2pm to start Passover?”
    “Yeah, sounds great, we’re all excited you could make it!”
    “Cool! Anything I can bring?”
    “Hmm…I think I have everything covered. Wait! How about a bag of plagues??”
    “Done and done! See you then!”

    Also PS, my friends own this on account of hilarity and extreme religiousness, but there’s a typo on the lion and it very distinctly and obviously says WILO ANIMALS, causing us to google bible verses because none of us remembered that particular plague (it’s generic “insects” in some translations, as distinct from the locusts and lice plagues of specific insects). So, now wilo is our favorite word.

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