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Morbid Facts About Your Birthday

November 17th, 2007 by Cobwebs

Death LiteThe Death Report invites you to enter the date you were born, then tells you who died on that day. Nobody of any great interest has checked out on the date I checked in, other than Jack the Ripper’s last known victim (and I already knew about her).

Still, isn’t this the cutest little Grim Reaper you’ve ever seen? I love his li’l necktie.

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  1. alejna Says:

    I love the little Grim Reaper, too.

    My list was also not terribly interesting. The only name I recognized (on a quick skim) who died on my birthday was Charles Dickens. Though, and this may not surprise you, it was not actually the same year I was born. (It was actually 101 years before I was born. Which I suppose is mildly interesting.)

  2. Robin Says:

    No one interesting died on my actual birthday, in my birth year. However, Vincent Price died on my birthday a few years ago. I thought it was auspicious. However, I thought it would have been more appropriate for him to hang around for six more days and to have died on Halloween.

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