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Zounds! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 3

August 12th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Watermelon Shark – Instructions for carving a “shark” from a watermelon, who helpfully holds fruit salad in his maw.

Spider Cup – Teacup with a ceramic spider in the bottom.

Mexrrissey – Tribute band which performs songs by Morrissey and The Smiths in Spanish with a mariachi twist. Here’s Everyday Like Sunday on Soundcloud.

Intimate Vestiges – Art installation featuring creepily anatomical design elements, like a throw rug composed of fingers. I sort of dig the eyeball curtains, though. (via Rattus)

With Sonar-Reflecting Leaves, Plant Lures Bats to Poo in it – This is…kinda what it says on the tin. A pitcher plant has evolved to encourage bats to roost in it rather than to eat insects directly.

A Brief Disquisition on the Existence of Butt-cooties – “Gentlemen, kindly avert your eyes.”

Catastrophe – Lovely ring composed of pearls carved into the shape of skulls.

Elder Scrolls Basement – Gorgeous rec-room makeover.

Final Notes – Set of blank notebooks inscribed, “My Legacy,” “Epitaph Ideas,” and “Deathbed Requests.”

The Avengers 2015 – deviantART member theDURRRRIAN did a wonderful series of illustrations which reimagine the characters from Avengers: Age of Ultron as dark fantasy warriors.

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  1. Fiend 4halloween Says:

    Thanks soooo much for another week of link dumps..i love it! And thanks for the Mexrrissey! I’m at work so can’t listen but cant wait til i get home. I’m a HUGE Smiths/Morrissey fan. There is also another band from San Diego called Metalachi. Metal/Mariachi put together. They play a lot in this area but don’t really take themselves too seriously so you shouldn’t either, just laugh and listen.

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