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Oh No! It’s Another Week of Link Dumps: Day 4

November 26th, 2015 by Cobwebs

Where’s the Jump? – “Our aim is to provide a comprehensive database of all jump scares from major horror and thriller movies along with a short description of the scene and the time in the movie it occurs.”

Is This the Most Beautiful Dragon Penis Yet? – BoingBoing looks at a design by Bad Dragon. NSFW (although honestly if I have to tell you that a link with “dragon penis” in the title might be NSFW, the problem lies with you, not me).

A Day in the Life of a HeroRAT – The giant rats trained to sniff out land mines are impossibly cute.

Coffin Surprise Cookies – These take a bit of effort, but the result is great.

Krampus Candy Canes – I’m not really seeing the connection with Krampus, but they’re scarlet-and-black candy canes so they’re pleasantly gothy anyway. (via Cat)

@sadtopographies – Instagram feed of depressing place names, like Gloomy Lake and Heartache Rd.

Skull Shawl Pattern – Free crochet pattern for a lacy, skull-filled shawl.

Battle Axe Hair-Sticks – This is a 3D printable file rather than an existing product; I’m mentioning it as a potential DIY with regular hair sticks and thin plastic.

Hogwarts Textbooks Skirt – This skirt with appliqued textbooks could be adapted to the book titles of your choice.

Be a Doll – Company which creates customized action figures of real people based on photos you provide.

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  1. Goth Gardening Says:

    Last night I made gingerbread afterlife houses e.g. coffin cookies with a bat embossing.

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