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The Link Dump That Ate Cleveland

February 19th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Mirror World – Tumblr of weird vintage images.

Lady Hellraiser – Detailed Cenobite cosplay, slightly NSFW. I am mildly disturbed by the lack of nipples where you’d expect them to be, due to the implied doublestick tape and discomfort.

Overcast With A Chance Of DOOM! – Webcomic about a goth girl who moves into a haunted house.

Sky Dust – Set of five star-shaped pins and four linking chains that allow you to put customized constellations on your clothing. This would be super-easy to DIY with craft-store jewelry findings.

Hanzi Smatter – Blog dedicated to “the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture.” (He appears to do Japanese too.) The blogger helpfully translates pictograms sent to him so you can discover whether the tattoo you thought meant “god will judge me” actually means “the great emperor’s tailor.”

Harry Potter Nail Art – A roundup of amazingly-detailed manicures.

Cosplay by McCalls – McCall Patterns has released three designs to make cosplay a little easier.

Yowie Mob – Googly eyes make everything better. (Hat tip to xJane)

BlackGloveKiller – Peter Murphy and Nivek Ogre will be starring in a horror movie.

Spiderweb Potholders – Tutorial for making hexagon potholders that suggest webbiness.

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  1. Cat Says:

    Wow, Hanzi Smatter is still around, doing the good work.

  2. Pixel Pixie Says:

    Fun fact: when I had laser eye surgery last year, my sweet boyfriend brought me home, gave me blankets and pillows, and put on Hellraiser while I slept off the Xanax. I woke during the credits, very confused and barely able to see. I momentarily become convinced he had watched an Italian movie without me, and pronounced Cenobite as if it were an Italian word. This was funnier in my head.

  3. Augustus Owsley Strudel III Says:

    That Mirror World tumblr was amazing! I am like you in that I take old, unusual picture frames and make them into spooky creations for Halloween. I had been using dollar store lenticulars for the pictures, but, those pictures will add a creepy touch to any frame.

  4. Devries Says:

    I loved all the Hell Raiser movies except the one on a space station. The one about a computer game that gets all the victims together for a revenge plot, the game concept was based on a real Hell Raiser computer game.
    There is sooo much back story involved in those movies that we as viewers never get to see.

  5. Devries Says:

    I also liked the Night Breed movie

  6. Devries Says:

    For a SF convention I designed and made a Predator Priest Costume (NO NOT A CATHOLIC but as in Predator the movie) that had a lot of Cenobite aspects to it, without the masochist aspects.
    While I was there a man tried to get his six year old son to get a picture of him and I, But the closer the kid got to me the more terrified he became.

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