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Plant a Goth Vegetable Garden

April 26th, 2016 by Cobwebs

CarrotsI’ve talked about plants that would work in a dark-and-spooky garden in the past (such as here), but have tended to focus on non-edible plants. Goth Shopaholic just did a great post about gothy vegetables, including purple potatoes and the carrots pictured above.

A few others worth mentioning are:

Scarlet Kale

Black Carrots

Purple String Beans

Black Hungarian Peppers

Purple Basil

Black Currant

Black Winter Melon (the non-black bitter melon family are neat too, since they all look weird and pissed off)

Black Tomatoes (she mentions Indigo Rose, but there are several other dark varieties)

Japanese Black Pumpkin (there’s also a warty variety)

Black Turtle Beans

After your garden is planted, you can let loose a few black chickens to patrol for bugs and then wait for your spooky harvest.

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  1. Pixel Pixie Says:

    I’m very pleased at the industrious spider that took up residence next to my compost bin. They get fatter every year.

  2. Laurie Brown Says:

    There are also purple mustard greens, Black Pearl peppers which have very dark purple leaves and fruit (turns red when ripe), purple potatoes (green foliage, though, but they make cool blue mashed potatoes), a number of dark red lettuces, purple cabbage, purple cauliflower, purple broccoli, and many Oriental vegetables besides the mustard come in purple varieties. (I play ‘hunt for goth veggies’ every year when the seed catalogs arrive)

  3. Goth Gardening Says:

    And, a baby goat! Because they’re adorable and have gothy eyes :p Oh wait, it would eat the garden. But did I mention that they’re adorable?!?

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