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October 14th, 2016 by Cobwebs

Eye of the Beholder – Upcoming documentary about the art of D&D.

Divine Interventions – NSFW. Religion-themed sex toys. I…got nothin’.

The Magician Longs to See – Indiegogo campaign for a Twin Peaks-themed tarot deck.

Googly Eyed Pumpkin – The project itself is so easy as to really not need instructions, but the article is funny.

Morbid Curiosities – Book which offers glimpses into various “bizarre” collections, such as body parts or sideshow ephemera.

Facehugger Dog Leash – I don’t think I’d be able to countenance shelling out 150 bucks for a leash, but the idea is great.

Emily’s Cartoons – Home of “My Life as a Background Slytherin.” This one particularly cracked me up.

10 Morbid Must-Reads for the Fall Season – Some really interesting titles here.

A Dark Song Review – io9 reviews a “black magic” movie where the people summoning a demon are supposed to be the good guys.

Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom – Described by a fan as a kid’s book that’s smart enough for adults to enjoy, this sounds like a fun read.

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  1. Devries Says:

    Amazon sells a plush facehugger and chest buster. Both are fairly accurate for being stuffed.

  2. Pixel Pixie Says:

    That pumpkin reminds me of The Boyfriend’s Nyarlathotep costume.

  3. Mim Says:

    I love McGonagall being the best pud pud!

  4. Devries Says:

    Is it true that Hufflepuff is the party frat at Hogwarts?

  5. Devries Says:

    When I went to that Hufflepuff stag party, How did I know it included putting a giant stag in Dumbledor’s office?

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