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July 11th, 2017 by Cobwebs

don’t insult bookworms by saying we only care about books. we also love huge country houses with hedge mazes and magical capes.

My therapist told me “Write letters to the people you hate, and then burn them.” Did that, but now I don’t know what to do with the letters.

[on my deathbed]
*with my last breath* if only I had named this bed differently

BELLE: There goes the baker with his tray like always
BAKER: well there goes Belle, singing her DAILY MEAN SONG about us

New moon tomorrow night. Plant things that flower in the dark: sweet potatoes, jasmine, curses invoking the forgotten angry dead.

“What this person did was awesome. I hear they were marked by Fate. Is that so?”
“Definitely!” Fate said. “I mark everyone, just in case.”

Prometheus, Arachne, Icarus — The moral of Greek myths is “Fuck you for trying.”

Someone let me write the movie where a young woman archaeologist in ~1980s faces her greatest challenge: Thesis Advisor Indiana Jones

The epilogue of Harry Potter should have just been 30 year old Harry forwarding dozens of cat videos to McGonagall like “is this u”

why are there so many Spiderman movies but only two movies about children being murdered in a chocolate factory?

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  1. Devries Says:

    I love the Write letters quote

  2. Mim (@crinolinerobot) Says:

    I love the idea of Professor McGonagall becoming a YouTube star on the sly.

  3. Laurie Brown Says:

    “Fuck you for trying” – that does seem to be a theme in Greek mythology!

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