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October 4th, 2017 by Cobwebs

The dinosaurs didnt “rule the earth” they were just alive stop giving them credit for administrative skills they almost certainly didnt have

First they came for the quantum physicists, but the quantum physicists hadn’t arrived, but also had left already, because fuck linear time.

Feeling sick? Ask:
Have I eaten?
Am I dehydrated?
Change in caffeine intake?
Cursed by a nymph after insulting a tree?
Picked wrong goblet?

I’d like to think I have an adventurous spirit, but I probably would have climbed into the Narnia wardrobe and taken a nap on those coats.

[Antiques Roadshow]
When this was first painted, the wolves were much further in the background. I would sell it before they reach the frame

When you die, a carny helps you out of your human body, waits to see if you’re going to throw up, then asks if you want to go again.

Bringing an octopus to a gun fight buys you at least 10 additional seconds while your opponent stands there going “…octopus…”

As an Australian it’s weird seeing Americans talk about some “Elf on the Shelf”. Do you not have the Christmas Spider or what

Be afraid. But don’t be very afraid. Not yet. Everything could get much worse, and you’ll have peaked too early.

Girls don’t want just any pockets. They want INDUSTRIAL POCKETS to fill with cake, nice rocks, pirate weapons, and a baby dragon they found.

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  1. Mim (@crinolinerobot) Says:

    I’d love to see an episode of Antiques Roadshow like that!

  2. kaitlin michelle Says:

    OMG at the wolves painting! I want an entire episode of people saying weird af shit like that.

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