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Will the Link Dumps Never End?

April 17th, 2009 by Cobwebs

No. No, they won’t.

Legacy Matters – News and ephemera about death, with categories such as “Desecration of Corpses” and “No Way to Go.”

Wire Scorpions – Instructable tutorial on making wicked little scorpions from twisted wire.

Heavy Metal Satan Fingers – A primer.

Bad Bunting – Party banners with messages like, “Don’t Feel Obliged To Stay,” and “It Will End In Tears.”

Thomas the Tank Engine/Rap Remixes – It’s surprising how well these blend. (Note: Some clips include Very Bad Words. Small children with a penchant for mimickry may pop up with surprising phrases at some unspecified future date. Um…not that I would know anything about this personally.)

Two Christopher Walken quickies: A YouTube clip of him reading “The Three Little Pigs” and an article on the hilarious “Fake Christopher Walken” Twitter account that recently died an untimely death. I hope somebody archived the tweets somewhere.

Hauntingly Beautiful Graveyard Photos – 40 lovely photographs taken in cemeteries. Best of all, they’re all Creative Commons licensed.

CraftFail – Have a craft project that didn’t quite work out? Share all the craft skeletons in your closet and witness the pain of others over at this new site.

Top Ten Grimoires – Historian of witchcraft Owen Davies, author of a new history of Grimoires, lists his top ten magical books.

Sock Monkey Roundup – All kinds of neat sock creations over at ThreadBanger. I especially like the sock skeleton and the sock monkey Hindu goddess.

A couple of weird phenomena I think are interesting (I keep intending to write a post about them, but since that keeps failing to happen, the heck with it): Sleep paralysis, otherwise know as the “Old Hag Syndrome.” Here’s one article discussing it at and a longer one at Wikipedia. Also the Wendigo, particularly the psychosis bearing that name. There’s some information about it here, and of course Wikipedia has more.

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  1. JoAsakura Says:

    I for one, hope the link dumps NEVER END. There is always such awesome stuff in them!!

    :goes back to lurking:

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