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Once-in-a-Lifetime Tattoo Opportunity

May 29th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Askew TattooTattoo artist extraordinaire Chris Conn retired from the industry in 2006 to devote his time to other media. A combination of some financial bad luck and the desire to retire a little more formally has prompted him to offer 10 gift certificates for one of his amazing tattoos.

How Is This Going to Work?

on june first, i will begin to release the 10 gift certificates on ebay. i will release one certificate per day, and each one will be on the auction block for 24 hours. after the bidding is over on one certificate, the next one will be released, until all 10 certificates are sold. each gift certificate is good for one person, on one specific date. if you win a certificate, that date is yours, and you have the entire work day (8 hours) with me. this includes consulting, drawing and tattooing. during this day, you will get my undivided attention, which means i won’t be consulting with other customers, taking phonecalls, etc. i will spend the entire day (minus an hour for lunch) focusing on the work at hand, slowly and patiently, and with a minimum of distraction.

His site says that he resides in San Francisco, so you’ll probably want to take the location into consideration if you plan to bid.

More information at his Tumblr site, and samples of his work at his dot-com.

(via Cabinet of Curiosities)

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