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Halloween Tree Part 6

December 21st, 2007 by Cobwebs

And now, to finish up, here are a few other “quick hit” ideas for a gothy tree:

The Craftster forum has a tutorial for making ornaments out of fabric scraps and polystyrene balls. Instead of traditional holiday fabrics, look for prints with skulls and bats.

For something a little more in-your-face (both literally and figuratively), pick up some miniature skulls from Anatomical and hang them from festive bows. A garland of little vertebrae would also be interesting, but might wind up being fairly pricey.

Hollyberry has done an all-witch tree, to wonderful effect.

Hauntspace has a nice tutorial for making your own skull ornaments.

The Cafepress store Ophelia’s Art has a great selection of porcelain gothy ornaments. (via frykitty)

Artist Nene Thomas has a line of ornaments based on some of her gothic and faerie prints. The link goes to her official site, but I’ve seen more ornaments than are listed there, so you may want to shop around.

Make candy canes, either fake ones out of polymer clay or real ones, and change the color scheme: Black and white, black and scarlet, or whatever strikes you.

For a really formal tree, consider Gothic or Celtic crosses; they’re mainstream and easy to find in a wide variety of materials.

Also easy to find are Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments such as these. As with any licensed merchandise these tend to be expensive, but you could use a few as accents.

Etsy member cthulhumas sells–what else?–Cthulhumas ornaments. (via Wonderland)

Change up the color scheme on traditional ornaments, such as feather fans ribbons, and tinsel.

If you’re feeling ambitious, go for a tree covered with a single type of ornament. This octopus tree is surprisingly festive. Instead of octopi, consider little fluffy spiders or stuffed bats. (via Other*Worlds*Cafe)

Look for carved folk art ornaments like ghosts, cats, or moons. A couple of my favorite ornaments on my own tree are some roughly carved wooden ghosts.

Hit a craft store and look for doll accessories like witch brooms. Tie to the tree with colorful raffia for a more rustic look.

There are a wide variety of fantasy “collectibles” which are meant to be hung for display. Look for mermaids, dragons, and other fantastical beings.

Next year, hit all the after-Halloween sales and stock up. I’ve got dozens of little clay pumpkins in “costumes” (witch hats, masks, etc.) that I got for less than a dollar apiece at a Jo-Ann Fabric clearance a couple of years ago. Look for anything that can be re-purposed to hang on a Christmas tree (and don’t forget things like ghost-shaped votives and other atmosphere decoration).

:::whew::: That concludes the series of tree-related posts. It’s a good thing that Christmas only comes once a year; any more often would be too exhausting.

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