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Happy Holidays!

December 25th, 2007 by Cobwebs

I’ll be chasing a Santa-addled toddler around the house today, plus I’m having far too many in-laws over for dinner, including the niece who was raised by wolves, so I’m afraid you’re on your own where gothy crafts are concerned.

Instead, you can get in touch with your Inner Grinch by leaving a comment about your favorite holiday tradition or your best holiday memory. (You pick the holiday; I’m easy.)

I’ll start by sharing a memory of my own, which also illustrates my family’s motto, “If a Thing is Worth Doing, It is Worth Overdoing.”

I was four years old, it was Christmas Eve, and I was completely beside myself with anticipation in the way that only small children can be. Just before bedtime, my father suddenly said, “Listen! Do you hear that? There’s something on the roof!”

He held me up to the window to look out, and suddenly a blinking red light eased out over the edge of the roof, stopped for a moment, then eased back out of sight. I had seen Rudolph’s nose! Santa was on my roof! I’m sure that my cerebellum simply fused with joy.

My dad–whose love of Christmas is so profound that X-rays have shown his entire skeleton to be comprised of candy canes–had rigged a blinky red light on a mechanical arm, which he triggered by remote. I talked about my close brush with Mr. Claus for months.

Hm. My heart just grew three sizes.

Now it’s your turn. Hope your day is fabulous!

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  1. Kids Holiday Crafts Says:

    […] Happy Holidays! […]

  2. Cat Says:

    That made me go AWWWWWWW! What a great dad!

    I can’t beat that. But I do remember the year the entire family had laryngitis. Because we were a musical family who *had* to sing carols, that wouldn’t do. So we whistled. Well, we tried. We’d whistle a bit, all ten or so of us, then we’d giggle, then we’d try again. We made our poor throats much worse with all the laughing. But it was worth it.

  3. Kitten Herder Says:

    We have always opened one gift before bed time on Christmas Eve. Usually, on Christmas Eve or the night before that, we watch Denis Leary’s “The Ref” … yes we are a bit twisted. We also usually go to see a movie on Christmas day, late in the afternoon or early evening.

    We haven’t watched “The Ref” yet this year. However, we did go see Sweeny Todd and then came home and watched “Eastern Promises” on Sunday. How’s that for holiday spirit?

    We try to have a special meal, usually something we wouldn’t normally eat the rest of the year. This year we picked up some elk steaks. In a way, it really adds to our twisted method of celebrating, if you think about it, since we’ll be eating Rudolph’s cousin on Christmas night.

    Our real big tradition is New Year’s Eve. For the last six years we’ve gone to the local AHL hockey team’s home game. After the game, they do a ‘year in review’ slide show with music, and then they do a fabulous indoor fireworks display over the rink. More than any other holiday tradition, this marks the season for us. Tickets go on sale in late September, and we usually get them the day they go on sale.

    Happy holidays, all, however you choose to celebrate!

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