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The Link Dump of Otranto

August 28th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Stamp Expressions – Personalize stamps with an uploaded photo. Handy for wedding or party invitations.

Battle of the Insanely Awful Twilight Merchandise – I laughed. And then I curled up into a fetal position and sobbed that such things exist. (Second photo NSFW.)

Your Organ Grinder – Etsy seller who specializes in felted body parts. I like the Brain Hair Clip.

Hanzi Smatter – Blog dedicated to “the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture.” (He appears to do Japanese too.) The blogger helpfully translates pictograms sent to him so you can discover whether the tattoo you thought meant “god will judge me” actually means “the great emperor’s tailor.”

The Sampler – This is an interesting promotional tool for indie businesses. You contribute samples of whatever it is you sell, they portion them out and send them to Sampler subscribers and members of the media.

Twitter: Helen Keller – This is so wrong. And yet you will laugh.

Gothers – Social networking site for the dark at heart.

Travis Louie’s Curiosities – I’ve blogged about Louie’s wonderful paintings previously. He’s just published a book of his work.

Black Leather Heart – I Heart Guts specializes in plush organs (why not?) and they’ve got a limited-edition faux patent leather heart that’s mighty cute. I’m sure my heart looks just like this.

The Mourning Market – This is what amounts to a farmer’s market of dark artists, taking place October 18 in Seattle. Grimvisions will be one of the vendors.

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  1. JoAsakura Says:

    I got to the second “twilight merchandise” item… and I made this horrible sound- sort of a cross between a bark and wheeze, in my attempt not to break into hysterics here at work.

    And you know, in any other context, I’d be intrigued. But ..but.. NOOooOoOoOo!

  2. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    yea, so the twilight merchandise…well a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!. I’m jealous of the people that get to attend the Mourning Market! The only time we get something like that is at Bat’s Day.

  3. David Says:

    I’m actually surprised there aren’t more blogs like Hanzi Smatter!

    And yeah, I agree with Fiend4Halloween, those who will manage to attend Mourning Market are too darn lucky!

    Too bad there isn’t anything like it up here, in the glacial wilderness of Quebec.

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