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The Wondermark Wedding

November 18th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Promo PosterDavid Malki (who does the wonderful comic Wondermark) and his wife were both working in movie advertising when they first got engaged, so they made a promo poster and movie “trailer” for the wedding. Their wedding cake was action movie-themed, and it is utterly awesome. You can see the cake, trailer, and larger version of the movie poster here.

If you’re looking around for a wedding theme of your own, this would be a really fun thing to do. You could obviously go gothier with a vampire- or slasher-type “movie,” and use the motif for everything from invitations to reception decor. I just love the originality and whimsy of this idea, particularly because there are so many ways to tie it in to various wedding details.

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  1. Naamah Says:


    My sister did a much less high-tech and slick version of this for her preemie son’s baby shower announcements, sent out once he was out of the hospital and doing well. It was hand-drawn, and in a very 50’s monster movie style. The movie “poster” showed a baby in a Godzilla suit kicking over a city of alphabet blocks, with flashy bullet pointed text (SEE the wonders of science gone MAD! BELIEVE that the world as we know it is DOOMED! That sort of thing.) I wish I had a scan. I still have it somewhere. She’s a brilliant lady with way more talent than me.

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