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One More Doggone Link Dump

December 11th, 2009 by Cobwebs

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Zombies – Zombified carols including such classics as “Deck the Halls with Parts of Wally” and “We Three Spleens.”

Oversize Advent Calendar – Tutorial on making a large advent calendar to showcase holiday cards. This could pretty easily be turned into a haunted house for showing off spooky illustrations.

Death at Christmas – Five tragedies that make a slightly-dysfunctional family celebration seem downright pleasant.

Zombocalypse Now – A choose-your-own-adventure book about the zombie apocalypse. You (the protagonist) are a pink stuffed bunny rabbit. Just try and tell me drugs weren’t involved in the creation of this book. (Hat tip to Kitten Herder)

A Very Scary Solstice – Review of two holiday albums from the H.P. Lovecraft Society.

Wondermark – This made me giggle. (Mouse over for Easter egg text.)

For Strange Women – Etsy seller specializing in perfume oils of a “darker” nature.

My Parents Were Awesome – People can send in photos of their parents when they were younger and cooler than they are now.

The Five Most Miserable Christmas Songs – Holiday, um, cheerless.

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  1. Steffers Says:

    Enjoyable as always.

    This is my first comment here. I subscribed to your feed about a year ago. Always interesting and never skipped over.

    Thanks for keeping me entertained.

  2. Fiend4Halloween Says:

    the “My Parents Were Awesome” link was…well, AWESOME! Classic pics, love the dude pimpin’ with the 2 girls sportin’ afros, and the Playboy Bunny mom..MILF. Great pix, thanks for those who shared.

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