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Monster Laptop Sleeve

September 9th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Laptop SleeveShadaughter headed for college last week (sob!), so I made a fuzzy laptop sleeve to keep her company. This is a fun project that looks harder than it actually is; I’ve put together a tutorial so you can have a monster of your own to cuddle.

Shadaughter’s tastes run more toward pink fluffy bunnies than black fluffy bats (she’s the white sheep of the family), so this particular design has a certain muppety quality. A few minor changes in color choice and decoration would make this much spookier.

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5 Responses

  1. xJane Says:

    O.M.G. That is teh awesome!

  2. Jen in CT Says:


    love it!

  3. Pam Says:

    I just noticed the eyes are crazy eyes. Thats cute! You did a great job on this!

  4. home decorations Says:

    I love this idea. Maybe I can do it using black and orange color.

  5. Bree Says:

    That’d be perfect for me. I seem to
    have a tendency to drop my laptop on a regular basis.

    *wonders how it still even works…*

    Oh, Great Idea! By the way. :P

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