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Joshua Hoffine Photography

May 23rd, 2008 by Cobwebs

Joshua Hoffine PhotoPhotographer Joshua Hoffine creates amazing hyper-realistic photographs of horrible things. He stages his shoots like “small movies,” using elaborate props, special effects, and lighting, and his works are actually photographs rather than digital collages.

Many of his works involve small children in terrifying situations (such as the one shown here, entitled “Basement,” from the series “After Dark, My Sweet”), to greatly unsettling effect. His site states that he uses friends and family as actors, so hopefully the kids just view this as a fun way to help Daddy instead of nightmare fodder.

His whole site is Flash-based, which I Hate! So! Much! but his portfolio is worth the pain of the interface. Go look, and cringe a little.

Link (via Spooky Moon)

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