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August 1st, 2008 by Cobwebs

After weeding these out of my Drafts folder, I still have 81 draft entries. Yeesh.

Seven Deadly Glasses – Wine glasses based on each of the Seven Deadly Sins. I particularly like “Lust.”

Kindertrauma – Users can share their stories about the books, movies, and toys that scared the heck out of them when they were kids.

Weird Encyclopedia – They bill themselves as “a quick and dirty guide to all things strange.” It’s like wandering around your crazy aunt’s attic.

The 8-Bit Tarot – Tarot cards done in 8-bit video game style.

Tattoos: How Not to Suck – Some excellent recommendations for selecting a tattoo.

I Am Neurotic – Share your (or your friends’) neuroses. This is like PostSecret without the artwork.

Enigmatic T-Shirt – I need one of these. (Contains a naughty word, just in case you’re surfing at work.)

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  1. alejna Says:

    Oh, I’ll have to check out the Kindertrauma link at some point. It reminds me a bit of an exhibit I saw at the SFMOMA a few years ago called something like “the dark side of childhood.” Oh, I remembered wrong–it was the “The darker side of playland.” It was fabulous.

    As for the glasses, I’m quite partial to “greed.” But then again, I do seem to have a fondness for tentacles.

  2. Musing Says:

    Thanks for the tattoo link. Lots of good advice. My daughter and I both want tattoos but are taking our time.

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