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November 29th, 2010 by Cobwebs

In accordance with his will, Stephen King’s ashes are to be scattered across your children’s innermost fears.

I think it’s strange that I’m the only person who showed up dressed like singer Robert Smith at an event called Race For The Cure.

One time, long ago, when you weren’t looking, I swapped souls with you. Now yours is dirtier than mine. I want to swap back. Hold still.

I like to imagine my toaster is in a sadomasochistic relationship with my bread. The bread has no safeword.

Shout out to the old lady on the train today with a bible and highlighter who looked me in the eyes, scowled, then highlighted something.

Return to empty house. TV turned on to UFC. Faint smell of Axe body spray. Worst fear realized. My house has polterguys.

Radiohead are The Beatles if the Nazis had won.

An optimist sees the glass as half-full. A hipster knew about the glass before you did and doesn’t think it’s cool anymore.

Live Fast. Die Young. Leave a Flesh Eating Corpse.
— Damon Gregory

The Pope now has a Facebook page. His relationship status reads: “I have candy”

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