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Interesting Label Ideas

March 2nd, 2011 by Cobwebs

Mojo LabelA while back the HiLoBrow site ran an article titled Hoodoo You Know, about the “Lucky Mojo” company. It’s an interesting enough read, but what really caught my eye was the accompanying examples of product labels.

The site has dozens more, and they’re all marvelously kitschy. The simple line drawings and primary colors remind me quite a lot of images from Golden Age comic books. I think they’d be splendid re-purposed as labels for homemade bath products, spice mixtures, or potpourri blends. A variety of items labeled in a similar style would make a unique gift.

If you’re sufficiently artistic you might draw your own illustrations for your labels. If you’re more like me,* it should be reasonably easy to adapt clip art. Since their garishness is part of their appeal, you don’t have to worry about fine detail or subtle shading.

The various “purposes” of the nostrums sold at Lucky Mojo should be a rich source of inspiration. I may re-label all of the spice jars in my kitchen with names like “Aunt Sally’s Lucky Dream” and “Jinx Killer.”

*I have the artistic ability of Rembrandt. If he were hogtied and trapped in a sack of live weasels.

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  1. Maven Says:

    Ms cat is a rabid enthusiast for antique hoodoo products and authenticity. Her labels reflect that. I took her hoodoo course a few years ago. There is NO “borrowing from other traditions” or “slipping in a bit of Wiccan thought” in her class. It strictly traditional hoodoo conjure work.
    (Hoodoo = African folk magic + Native American, usually Cherokee practice + PennDutch PowWow + Black Spiritualist Church Teachings + a bit of Jewish mysticism thrown in from who knows where) Nope, no borrowing. :-)
    Interesting stuff however. Her site is an American folklore treasure trove.

  2. Maven Says:

    Just to clarify since I just realized I sounded snarky above. That reflects MY understanding of what Hoodoo is and what I got from her class. I’m sure others took different things from it. It really was a fascinating read and online discussion group. I have nothing but praise for it.

  3. xJane Says:

    Just this: “hogtied and trapped in a sack of live weasels”

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