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Printed Dinner Napkins

January 26th, 2011 by Cobwebs

NapkinEtsy sller marywibis sells these elegantly spooky cloth napkins,* and though they might seem rather expensive at $50 for 6, given the cost of a basic silkscreening kit (Amazon | DIY) the price is more or less a wash.

I do like the look of custom napkins, and it might be possible to do simple designs using a stencil and fabric paint rather than silkscreening them. This would make it easier to do several designs in the same set, although given how frequently napkins tend to be laundered I do wonder how long the paint would hold up.

I’d never really considered the notion of silkscreening napkins; if you’re considering silkscreening as a hobby, a reasonably simple project like this might be a good introduction. (Or, y’know, just buy ’em pre-made.)

*Bonus link: Check out this lovely Black Widow Decanter and matching glasses from the same vendor.

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