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Have Yourself a Very Metal Christmas

December 23rd, 2010 by Cobwebs

BobT is a somewhat…emphatic fan of Slayer in Southern California,* so he did the logical thing and decorated his house with lights that synchronize to Slayer’s Raining Blood. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t epic.

(via BoingBoing)

p.s. – The Great Galactic Ghoul managed to eat my e-mails about the Secret Santa Can Suck It exchange twice, so the “gift list” will be posted next Monday instead.

*Author Calvin Trillin once remarked after seeing a man blowing watermelon-sized bubbles on Venice Beach that people in Southern California tend to become very, very good at completely pointless things. As a SoCA native, I sort of have to agree.

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  1. Nathan E. Says:

    Yeah, I’ve gotta say, that *is* pretty brutal.

  2. xJane Says:

    I bristle at the implication that this is “pointless”. It is awesome! And bringing joy—especially metal joy—in the Season of Joy is never pointless.

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