The Art of Darkness

Tutorial: Tile Coasters


  • 4×4 tiles
  • Stamps
  • Ink (StayzOn is best, but it’s expensive; any ink will do, since we’ll be sealing the daylights out of it)
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Adhesive felt
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The tiles are quite cheap at home improvement stores, but many of them are chipped or cracked. Use the bad ones to experiment on until you get your technique down. Many craft stores carry appropriately spooky stamps, particularly around Halloween. (My answer to everything tends to be: Stock up around Halloween.)

Stamped Tile

Carefully stamp the desired design on the tile. If you’re using water-soluble ink you may be able to wipe off mistakes, but the ink will probably soak into the tile a bit and stain it. Go slowly and be cautious.


Take the stamped tiles into a well-ventilated area and spray them with 5-6 coats of sealer, allowing them to dry thoroughly between each coat.

Felt Backing

Cut adhesive felt to fit the tiles, and stick it to the back of each tile. The tiles be slightly irregular in size; use a rotary cutter or Xacto knife to trim the felt to fit.

Finished Tiles

Stack four tiles and tie with decorative ribbon.