The Art of Darkness

Tutorial: Spooky Picture Frame


  • A cheap picture frame with a fairly wide border (to give you room to decorate)
  • Spooky things to glue to the frame (suggestions below)
  • A hot glue gun (optional if you’re using sticky-backed scrapbooking pieces)
  • Ultra flat matte black spray paint
  • Fake spider webbing (optional)
Click the thumbnails for larger images.


I used a wooden frame (the color doesn’t matter, since you’ll be painting it), for a 5″x7″ picture. This was a craft store “paint it yourself” special, purchased for the princely sum of 99 cents. I chose a set of themed scrapbooking elements for my decorations. Other ideas might include little tombstones cut out of felt, miniature pumpkins, Spanish moss, or googly monster eyes.


Spray-paint the frame black (remove the glass first!) and let dry thoroughly. If desired, you can spatter-paint the frame or add some random splotches in a contrasting color.

Decorated Frame

Attach the decorative stuff to the frame, letting some elements overlap the photo area.


If desired, run a few strands of fake spider webbing from across the frame, making sure not to use so much that the photo will be obscured.


All done! How could it be any easier?