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The Addams Family Online

June 16th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Well, I am just tickled…um…blood red.

I was browsing the Classic Science Fiction Channel site and discovered that both seasons of The Addams Family TV series are available for viewing at Hulu! (I’m not sure why TCSFC links to it, since it’s palpably not science fiction, but I”m not complaining.)

The show seems rather crude and slapstick by today’s standards, but I’ve always had an enormous soft spot for it. It enthralled me as a child–I even dressed as Morticia for Halloween when I was about eight–and I think what really struck me about it was the Addams’ relationship with the rest of the world. Unlike The Munsters (which I never liked), the Addams Family owned their weirdness. The Munsters tried to blend in with the normal people and were always disappointed when they were rejected. As far as the Addams were concerned, they were the normal ones, and they simply expected the rest of the world to accept them. I think that’s a much healthier attitude.

I know what I’ll be watching in my spare time for the next few weeks.

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