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Link Dump

June 20th, 2008 by Cobwebs

Time to thin out the ol’ Drafts folder again. I’m like a link pack rat.

Hitchcock Bathroom – Cute bathroom makeover with a “Psycho” motif. Includes a dripping-blood ceiling border.

Bookscans – Database with thousands of vintage book covers. These would be perfect for artwork or craft projects.

Darkspectre – Morganna makes amazing custom costumes and goth apparel. I own one of her cloaks and can attest to their quality.

Skull Towels – Cute bath towels with a skull-and-crossbones design. I like the pink-and-black ones.

Half Past a Button – The Felt Mouse made some adorable clocks using buttons to mark the numbers. It’d be fun to do something similar using novelty Halloween buttons and antique-looking clock hands.

Meet Chauncy – Adorable little knit felted skull.

BoneClones – This company specializes in replica bones, and they’ve got an amazing collection of animal and human skulls. They’re expensive, but the quality looks excellent. If you’re redecorating, this might be a neat place to pick up a conversation piece for the living room.

Skull Plushies – Adorable little plush keychains and refrigerator magnets in the shape of skulls.

The Button Drawer – Lots of unique Halloween buttons, including some metal skulls that would look great on a dress shirt.

Baby’s First Mythos – Teach your little ones their ABCs using Lovecraftian imagery.

DIY Wall Decor – Quick guide to sprucing up walls and doors using paper and fabric. The decorations can be easily peeled off when you move, so you can goth up your apartment without making your landlord cranky.

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