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Link Dump: Cross-Stitch

September 3rd, 2008 by Cobwebs

SkullduggeryI enjoy cross-stitch because it’s comparatively fast and uncomplicated, plus it’s easy to stop in the middle and pick it back up later. Here are some resources if you feel like stitching up something spooky.

1-2-3 Stitch! carries a large selection of “Halloween” cross-stitch kits, and for once they’re not all cutesy. I particularly like Skull-Duggery, Sleepy Hollow, and Remember Me on Halloween.

Spazzmanda did a cross-stitch version of the Fargo movie poster by blowing up a JPG so big that she could see the individual pixels. There are loads of great movie posters you could do something similar with if you’re suitably dedicated: Halloween, Psycho, and Frankenstein spring to mind. If you don’t feel up to doing the whole poster, you could choose one or two iconic details and just stitch those.

I love the “Hey, wait a minute…” effect of this pattern. You could stitch a similar sentiment using just about any baby-themed design. (Hat tip to Memarie Lane)

Subversive Crossstitch offers kits and patterns for sentiments like “People Are Cattle” and “Don’t Make Me Cut You.”

Your Personalized Pattern – Enter text in the form and it will generate a cross-stitch pattern guide to follow.

Not cross-stitch, but what the heck: Sublime Stitching has wonderful vintage-looking embroidery patterns with designs like vital organs and Day of the Dead calaveras.

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