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Decorating with Lace

September 4th, 2008 by Cobwebs

CoastersThe Decorating with Lace site offers a wide variety of lace decorative items, including a bunch of Victorian and “Period Reproduction” Scottish lace. Best of all, they have a page dedicated to Halloween!

A few pieces are kitschy, but many of them are really very elegant; I particularly like the Gala Mantle and the Lampshade Cover.

Their prices seem fairly reasonable, although the crafty goth could probably reproduce some of the simpler pieces (like the spiderweb coasters) themselves. Spiderweb-patterned lace fabric isn’t hard to find (US source here, UK here), particularly around Halloween, when it’s everywhere.

I love the daintiness of these pieces, and the fact that most of them aren’t terribly spooky until you look closely. They’d be a nice way to keep a little gothiness around without scaring your houseguests.

(via Spooky Moon)

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