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Top Hat Lampshades

February 12th, 2009 by Cobwebs

Hat LampshadesEvery so often I’ll see a product whose price indicates that the retailer isn’t aware the DIY community exists. These cute “Jeeves and Wooster” lampshades fall into that category. The materials listed on the site are: “Black wool felt exterior. VO fire-rated polycarbonate diffuser. Fire-rated brass electrical fittings and cord with standard ceiling fitting.” So they’re real hats with a plastic insert to keep them from being singed by the light bulb (although they’re only rated for 40-watt bulbs, so even singeing is unlikely).

The price? A mere £415 ($600).


Or you could get a hanging lamp kit* somewhere like Lampshop or National Artcraft, a nice top hat from Nethats or (or any of a zillion other places), and make your own lamp for a small fraction of the price.

These would be a unique addition to a Victorian-themed room, either as overhead lights or grouped as small table lamps. You could change the hat style to reflect your room’s theme, as well as decorating the hats with ribbons or silk flowers. You could also get a little darker and embellish the top hat with voodoo-themed elements like beads and (thoroughly cleaned) chicken bones for a Baron Samedi-style lamp. All kinds of possibilities for personalization! All cheaper than $600! Yay!

*Obviously, make sure whichever lamp base you choose keeps the bulb well away from the fabric of the hat.

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